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What was I just talking about?

Haven't I said that if you put your hopes and dreams out to the universe the universe answers? Remember what I said last week?

baby feet

Meet Virginia Kathleen Pratt

My mother had four granddaughters; Jessie, Shelagh, Katie and Rachel and she loved them all exactly the same, each for her own specialness.

four girls on a sofa ages one to fifteen
L-r Shelagh, Rachel, Jessie and Katie

Katie came into our family in 1992, a time when we all needed some joy and she really delivered. Here's the toast I gave at Katie's wedding to Eben in 2016.

"Katie I want to say some things about your grandmother who isn't here but would, if she could, be celebrating with us. She often spoke of the time she woke from a nap with you patting her cheek and gazing lovingly at her. She kept that memory in her heart for the rest of her life. And then there was the time she was taking a bath and you walked in. You said, 'I'm very dirty,' took off all your clothes and hopped in with her. (Big Laugh) Katie, the love you shared with your MomMom you will take into your new life with Eben because Love is Love is love."

On Saturday, January 27, Katie gave birth to Virginia Kathleen, named for her grandmother, Virginia Brown Swanson, and her mother, Kathleen Hegarty Swanson. They'll call her Ginny, just as we called Mom.

Pen and Ink Drawing of a Stork

"You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands." Isaiah 55:12

We don't have anything nearly as exciting to celebrate at our house, but today is Russell's first birthday. Doesn't look mature? Where does the time go?

And on the drawing table;

pen and Ink drawing of a Pagoda amid foliage

I've finished Pagoda on the Rocks--well, almost,

Preliminary drawing of a pagoda, with pencil lines

and I've begun Pagoda in the Pines.

Happy February, Everybody!

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Love Russel,

Hoping to meet him this year. Excited to see the pagoda/pines



Your posts are so happy and positive, Great start for weekend.


Delightful reminiscence...and LOVE your Pagoda on the Rocks!

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