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Women Celebrate Women

My post is a day early this week because I want to tell you about a show I'm in at

El Barrios Artspace PS109;

The show's title is Women Celebrate Women, and the opening is this evening, featuring the work of a whole host of wonderful women artists. Here's a preview of what I'm showing.

This is a work in three parts, celebrating three facets of womanhood as I live it; as a mother, a citizen and an inhabitant of an endangered planet.

First, as a mother I have felt both empowered and lost. this is a collage of a pen and ink drawing and two prints, one an intaglio and rolled color etching, one a rolled color embossment. The drawing is from a picture Arthur took of Jessie, Sam and me on vacation in Maine. It was a time full of those little moments you want to stop and savor, to be sure to remember them. the collage shows both the feeling of being fully in charge, of rowing and steering our family ship, but also being in uncharted territory.

A Mother rowing across the sky

Producing and then nurturing two beautiful little creatures gave me bursts of pride and creative energy and also made me feel flummoxed as they grew and developed wills of their own.

The monument to the Vote for Women in Central Park

Second, I am a citizen who views voting as a sacred duty and privilege. I am deeply grateful to the women who fought for the vote for women and those who still fight to protect everyone's vote. this is a drawing of Meredith Bergmann's beautiful memorial to Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Thank you Central Park for finally recognizing not just one actual woman but three.

the Earth, the Sun, the Sky, The Sea all in a collage

Third, I am a resident of our endangered planet, Mother Earth, seeking ways to live responsibly, to vote for leaders with the vision to face our dangers, and to fight despair in the face of disaster. This is a collage of four different etchings depicting the earth herself seen from afar, still a cool blue. A sunflower plays the part of the sun, a fish represents the sea and the creatures of the earth. They're all in hot colors.

Here's the flyer-many thanks to Yvonne Lamar-Rogers and Rolinda Ramos for organizing this wonderful event.

August 11, 2021

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